Genel İngilizce B1 Testi Al / Pre Intermediate -Intermediate

Genel İngilizce B1 Testi Al / Pre Intermediate -Intermediate

B1 Testi öncesi, formu doldururken [ * ] görünen alanlar mecburi doldurulmak zorundadır.

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Pre Intermediate -Intermediate Placement Test

Choose the correct answers.

1. ____ class at 8.30 a.m.
2. Don’t buy that computer now, wait for a month or two. Prices ____ all the time.
3. We rarely enjoy______ when we go to the disco.
4. Why are you so angry? Please, calm _________ and tell me what's wrong.
5. What's wrong with Jane? She ________ sad.
6. I usually get up early, but I ________ early this week because I'm on holiday.
7. Most university students in Britain ____________ at home.
8. John’s wearing a ____ T-shirt
9. Sally ____ in France, but she lives in Spain now.
10. These trousers aren’t loose, in fact they’re very ____.
11. My back hurts. I ____ on the computer all afternoon.
12. I’ve ____ got home from school. I got here a minute ago.
13. I ____ my job, so I’m looking for another one.
14. I’m reading a great book. I ____ thirty pages already.
15. I want to ____ this document to an email and send it to John. Can you help?
16. The garden is looking great at the moment. ____ on it?
17. They’ve just _____ a new mobile phone. I might buy one.
18. I ____ my emails because my computer is broken.
19. I ____ in the bank when the robbers arrived.
20. The film _____ when we got to the cinema so we missed the first ten minutes
21. After I’d spoken to Sarah, I ____ Mike to tell him the news.
22. The mugger was guilty so the ____ sent him to prison.
23. Where ____ at 9 p.m. last night?
24. They committed a crime and were sentenced to do community ____.
25. What ____ when they saw the thief?
26. I ____ go now, my class starts in a minute and I can’t be late.
27. I’ve got a problem. I need your advice. What do you think I ____ do?
28. You ____ talk in here. It’s prohibited.
29. Richard is very ____, he never remembers anything.
30. I ____ stay in bed because I was ill.
31. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a ticket, you ____ buy one tomorrow. They’re still selling them.
32. Can you ____ the table.? I’ll do the dishes.
33. In your country, ____ stay at school until they are sixteen years old?
34. Kate is really ____, she’s always telling people what to do.
35. In the future, it is ____ that more people will live in cities.
36. Do you want to go to the concert? I ____ the tickets if you want.
37. There ____ another earthquake for months according to the experts.
38. People usually ____ a lot of rubbish.
39. I ____ go to the party, I haven’t decided yet.
40. Jon ____ play football tomorrow, he’s hurt his leg.
41. It rained a lot for weeks so there was a ____.
42. Mary and I ____ for a meal in the Italian restaurant tonight. I’ve just booked a table.
43. Don’t you think people should _____ glass and paper?
44. I won’t go to the party ____ you go too.
45. If I don’t understand my homework, ____ me?
46. If you ____ plants, they die.
47. That child is very ____, he doesn’t do what his parents tell him to do.
48. I had no idea that Mark didn’t like apple pie. If I ____, I wouldn’t have made it.
49. I don’t like any insects, especially ____.
50. ____, I’d talk to Sally about the problem.

‘I’m moving to London,’ she said

She said she ____ to London.

‘I bought a CD yesterday,’ he said.

He said he’d bought a CD ____.

‘I’m sorry. I won’t do it again,’ he said.

He apologised and ____ not to do it again.
54. I didn’t go to class, I went shopping instead – but I don’t usually ____ classes.

‘Have you seen Mike?’ she asked.

She asked ____ Mike.

‘When did you arrive?’ she asked me.

She asked me when ____.
57. Mark does ____ jobs such as gardening or babysitting to earn some money.

‘Don’t move!’ John said to the boy.

John ____ the boy not to move.
59. People often have to work extra hours in this job. Do you mind working ____?
60. That website ____ last year by Dave.
61. Our school ____ at the moment.
62. People who go snowboarding should wear ____ to protect their heads.
63. I had to wait to use the computer because it ____ when I arrived.
64. ____ cooked before you arrived?
65. The plane is ready to take off, so please ____ your seatbelt.’
66. ____ asked to help with the preparations for the party?
67. The cabin ____ are checking if the plane is ready for departure.
68. Pets ____ in our building.
69. We didn’t talk about the problem. If we had tried, we ____ a solution.
70. I met Paul at the party. If I ____, I wouldn’t have met him.
71. Ruth never worries about things, she’s very ____.
72. I left school when I was sixteen and I regret it now. If only I ____ school!
73. I haven’t got much money. I ____ I had more.
74. I must sit down, I feel ____ and my head hurts.
75. What ____ if you hadn’t met Sally?
76. David ____ be English – I know his parents are from France
77. You ____ Lucy at the disco, she told me she didn’t go.
78. Jack isn’t in his room. I suppose he ____ to the sports club, he sometimes goes there.
79. The ____ had a sore throat and couldn’t sing at the concert.
80. The ground is wet. It ____ while we were in the cinema.
81. The band ____ an album last month.
82. Look! That girl ____ Bill’s sister. She looks similar, so it’s possible that it is her!
83. The orchestra played yesterday. It was a great ____.
84. He’s a bit ____, but he isn’t fat.
85. Colin is ____ teacher.
86. Have you seen ____ book I bought yesterday?
87. I need to get more exercise. I’m going to take ____ a new sport.
88. I think ____ men are as intelligent as women
89. In____ 15th century most people couldn’t read.
90. We ____ by an architect.
91. If you need a passport photo, you need to ____ by a professional photographer.
92. Dan apologised for ____ his homework.
93. My parents don’t let me ____ out late during the week.
94. I haven’t got any money, in fact I’m completely ____.
95. They agreed ____ the train instead of the bus.
96. I was angry because my brother took my boots without ____.
97. I’m going to get a ____ from the bank to buy a motorbike.
98. I hope ____ a writer in the future.
99. I can’t ____ to buy any new clothes because I haven’t got enough money.
100. I bought some cosmetics at the ____.
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